Here’s the ideal gift for an artist or stamp collector. This offer includes both a first day cover of James Gurney’s dinosaur stamps for Australia Post, along with a DVD video taking you behind the scenes to show how the art was created.

James Gurney has not only signed the first day cover, but hand-drawn a unique pen drawing of one of the stamp subjects. In the video, produced by the artist during the creation of the stamps, you’ll be able to follow him to Australia to research the art for the stamps, watch as he sketches the rough designs, builds the reference maquettes, and paints the final oil painting. This combination package can be offered to both US and international customers, but please keep in mind that the DVD is coded for region 1/North America.

Package includes: documentary on DVD: 37 minutes with slide show. Region 1 coded for North America. Plus all six stamps affixed to an envelope, with First Day cancellation, signature by James Gurney, and hand-drawn remarque by James Gurney of one of the dinosaurs featured in the stamps.
Order Dino Stamp Collector Pak DVD plus Signed Remarqued FDC @ $125.00