GRADIENTS: Color, Form, Illusion DVD

GRADIENTS: Color, Form, Illusion DVD

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(DVD version). Prefer to digital version? Download / stream at Gumroad

In this video workshop, James Gurney offers practical exercises for creating color gradations. He uses watercolor, gouache, casein, and acrylic, but the painting insights are universal and will benefit oil painters as well.

He then applies those principles as he paints a banded cylinder, a dappled light effect, and a checkerboard illusion. These exercises bridge from 2D skills to form modeling. He then takes gradients to the next level by creating four plein-air paintings that put all the principles in action: fern study, a traditional landscape, and a cityscape while describing every step of the process and answering questions from viewers.

Running time: 1hr:18 minutes. Prefer to download? Download or Stream at Gumroad


“In Gradients: Color, Form and Illusion, Gurney has once again demonstrated his ability to take complex or confusing concepts, reduce them to their essential components and lay out a path to understanding with clarity and ease.”  —Charley Parker, Lines and Colors blog 

“The thing about painting is that everything gradates. Recognizing this, James Gurney devotes an hour to this essential and too often overlooked skill, outlining several approaches to creating seamless transitions in water-based media with some helpful hacks from his illustrator’s bag of tricks. An absolutely great and informative video on a hugely important subject for all painters.” —Edward Minoff, Artist and Professor, Grand Central Academy

“In this video, artist James Gurney takes the mystery out of painting gradients, a necessary skill in the painters and illustrators toolbox. Mr. Gurney simplifies the process of painted color gradients by breaking things down into a series of short studio exercises that you can do at home, using a variety of paint mediums and suggested tools.” —Veronica Lawlor, Artist and teacher